National Workshop on Network Simulator ( NS-2 )


About the Workshop:

        NS-2 is a very popular discrete event Network Simulator which is widely used in the research field of Wired, Wireless and Satellite Networks across both academia and industry as a way of designing, testing and evaluating new and existing protocols and architectures, and has also proven a very useful tool for teaching purposes. NS-2 is an open source network simulator which is freely available for academic research purpose.
The main objective of this workshop is to provide a hands-on training on NS2 to create awareness and enrich knowledge for Research scholars, Faculty and Students in the area of Network simulation using NS2. This training will be more useful for the people who are interested in the field of networks, especially wireless ad hoc networks.
        5th and 6th December, 2014
        Overview of NS2 and Installation
        Familiarizing NS-2 with suitable examples
        Creating a wired Scenario and Enhancing the NAM output
        Trace file analysis using awk scripts
        Plotting Xgraph
        Performance evaluation of routing protocols and queues in a wired environment
        Simulation of a wireless network
        Performance evaluation of ad-hoc wireless routing protocols
        Create different Wired-cum-Wireless networks and MobileIP Simulations
        Introduction to NS-3
Registration Fee:
        Students: Rs.700/-
        Faculty: Rs. 800/-
Resource Person:
        Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NITK, Surathkal has delivered more than 125 talks related to NS2 across India and has contributed several open source patches for NS2. He has been a part of several IEEE and Springer conferences as a Keynote Speaker, Chief Guest, Session chair or Reviewer.


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