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popular simulators, operating systems, research platforms, and popular research testbeds currently adopted for WSNs.

WSN control tools Octopus Dashboard Octopus is an open-source java-based dashboard developed at University College Dublin, to visualise and to control a wireless sensor network in the TinyOS 2.x environment. Octopus provides users with a graphical user interface for viewing the live sensor network topology and control the behavior of sensor nodes, such as the energy consumption, the sampling period, the radio duty cycle and formulating application queries to the nodes. Recently the Octopus team has released theOctopus dashboard v.2.1 that includes multi-platform support, software-based energy estimation and some new features . MViz The MViz network visualization tool is a basic application for multihop collection network to display node parameters in TinyOS 2.x. Surge Surge is a java program for displaying multihop routing topology in sensor networks. The Surge can be used as a visual demonstration of the network topology and to display routes in TinyOS 2.x. Popular WSN simulators Ns2 Ns i…