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FDTP on EE 6201 Circuit Theory,Agni College of Technology

Dear Sir / Madam,
Cordial Greetings.
[Sincere Apologies, if you have received multiple copies of this mail]
Department of EEE of Agni College of Technology, Chennai, is organizing a one week Anna University Approved Faculty Development Training Programme (FDTP) on EE 6201 Circuit Theory  from 8th December 2014 to 14th December 2014. Experts from industries and reputed institutions will deliver lectures on the various topics of the subject. This FDTP will be very useful for young teachers with few years of teaching experience.
Please find attached herewith the Brochures and letter. You may also visit our college website to get the details about FDTP.
You are hereby requested to participate in the FDTP. You are also requested to pass on the details to your colleagues and friends for whom this FDTP might be useful.
Looking forward to your cooperation.
Thanks and regards
 --  Dr.A.Krishnamoorthy, M.E., Ph.D. Professor & Head- EEE Agni College of Technology, off. OMR, Thalambur, Nea…