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Call for Papers ISSN 2278 - 5183
IJCDS is an online journal having an Impact Factor of 0.704 as calculated by CIR and is indexed in Google Scholar, Getcited, CIR Digitial Library, ProQuest & DOAJ.
The International Journal of Computers & Distributed System (IJCDS) solicits innovative research papers addressing theoretical and practical implementations of Computers in Centralized and Distributed Systems for the forthcoming Edition of IJCDS. IJCDS is an online bi-monthly journal and if the manuscript does not suit in the current issue then it can be considered for the next upcoming issue. Authors are invited to submit their original and innovative manuscripts for the same. Authors are requested to check the complete instructions and required format for the manuscript before submitting their papers. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of technical and scientific excellence. Our review process allows the authors and editors an opportunity to use …