Progress In Electromagnetics Research (PIER)

Founding Editor in ChiefJin Au Kong
Progress In Electromagnetics Research (PIER) publishes peer-reviewed original and comprehensive articles on all aspects of electromagnetic theory and applications. This is an open access, on-line journal PIER (E-ISSN 1559-8985). It has been first published as a monograph series on Electromagnetic Waves (ISSN 1070-4698) in 1989. It is freely available to all readers via the Internet.
PIER is a non-profit organization.
Contact Email:
Authors are strongly advised to visit Author Guidelines and Publication Fee before submission to understand the PIER Journals process.
Authors are solely responsible for the factual accuracy and originality of their articles, and all articles are understood to have received clearance(s) for publication. Manuscripts submitted to PIER Journals must not have been submitted simultaneously to other journals. Authors found submitting manuscripts simultaneously to other journals will be suspended for 1 year from further submission.
It is the submitting authors' responsibility to avoid copyright violation and plagiarism. For detailed guidelines, the submitting authors may refer to the section of Identifying Plagiarism on IEEE's website for publication standards. Authors found submitting plagiarized manuscripts will be banned for 3 years from further submission.
Manuscripts must be in English and the following electronic files are required for all submissions:
  • Source file in TEX (recommended) or DOC format.
    * If the source file is in TEX format(LaTeX sample file), source files of figures in EPS or PDF format are required. 
    * If the source file is in DOC format, EPS or PDF format of figure is NOT required.
  • A PDF file of the manuscript including all text, equations, and figures.
    * English font only.
    * Figures must be compatible for grayscale use.
    * This PDF version should be carefully prepared as it will be directly sent to the reviewers.
  • The full name and email of each co-author should be provided in your paper file.
Manuscripts can be submitted via On-Line Submission by following the Submission Guideline.

New Co-Editor in Chief for PIER - 2013-09-01

Upon the recommendation of Editor-in-Chief Weng Cho Chew, the leadership of the Electromagnetics Academy has appointed Prof. Sailing He (the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Sino-Swedish Joint Research Centre of Photonics) co-Editor-in-Chief of PIER, effectively from September 1, 2013. Prof. He's current research interests include subwavelength-photonics, communication, sensing, energy and biomedical applications, as well as antennas and other applied electromagnetics. He is a Fellow of IEEE, OSA (Optical Society of America), SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering), and The Electromagnetics Academy. Prof. Sailing He will work jointly with Editor-in-Chief Weng Cho Chew to introduce several reforms to further improve the quality of PIER journal.

Editor in Chief: Prof. Weng Cho CHEW 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1406 W. Green Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801-2991

Homepage at UIUC & Homepage at HKU
Co-Editor in Chief: Prof. Sailing He
Department of Electromagnetic Engineering
Royal Institute of Technology
S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden


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